E. Schreurs

Erik Schreurs, born on the 15th of October 1987 in Deventer (The Netherlands), is founder and driver for the Echo Sierra Racing team.

He grew up in a small village called Markelo, always playing with cars. It first started with a couple of tiny toy cars (1:48 scale) of a Porsche 928 and a Ferrari Testarossa.
But as soon as he became older, his love for Honda’s became stronger and stronger. His first saturday-job was at the local Honda dealership, washing cars.
After that, he had dreams of owning a S2000 or NSX one day. But his first car was a CRX ED9. After a solid year of driving this car, he realized that he couldn’t use this shell for proper track driving. So this CRX was sold and a better CRX ED9 was purchased.
This is still the car that he is using today.

Age 27
Nationality Dutch
Points 2014 Semi-Pro 156
Highest race finish Semi-Pro 9th
Highest grid position Semi-Pro 3rd
Personal Best Circuit Park Zandvoort 2:14.065
Personal Best TT Assen 2:11.491 (without penalty time)
Contact erik@echosierraracing.eu